Virtual Events & Conferences

The Way We Attend Events Has Changed Forever

One study concluded that 44% of Americans will attend fewer events after COVID-19 and its associated restrictions are lifted. Attendees in most industries, though, still need the benefits of events and conferences to successfully conduct business.

Taking events online combines the networking and learning of traditional conferencing with the accessibility and no-touch safety of the internet.


We Can Host:

• Shareholder Meetings
• Keynotes & Presentations
• Higher Education
• Festivals & Concerts
• Conferences
• Product Launches & Demos
• Networking Events
• Workshops & Training
• Fundraisers
• Etc.

We Can Seamlessly Build Your Event in the Digital Space.

As specialists in creative brand experiences and innovative media, we are positioned to help you launch an online event or reformat your in-person plans for a digital audience. Effective brand events convey meaning and connect people; they do the same things online while adding a new set of benefits:


Expand Reach

Online events are accessible by anyone with a WiFi connection and all web-based programming is pre-packaged for use in digital marketing content calendars.

Collect Data

Built-in analytics track a guest's experience from the day they first visit your website through the closing of an event. Use these insights to better serve your audience.

Lower Costs

Redirect the immediate savings on equipment rentals, venues, catering and liability costs to enhance production quality and ease-of-use for guests at your digital event.

Take Center Stage.

Digital programming doesn’t have to be watered down to fit the medium. Produce and present a dynamic multimedia content schedule that enables guests to get the most out of your event.

Example of virtual event interface
Example of virtual event livestream

Broadcast to Their Familiar Platforms.

Guests are more likely to absorb content, engage and take value from your event if they’re comfortable with the interface. Host your event in a responsive infrastructure while incorporating apps and digital environments that your audience already uses.

Prioritize Production Value.

Nothing compromises the credibility of a virtual event more than low-quality production. High-polish virtual events safely run professional, high-definition A/V solutions while keeping social distancing principles in mind throughout the process.

Without the vibrance of a host city or the chatter of a conference hall, digital events can lack experiential impact and feel repetitive. It's important that we retain the soul of your physical event. We aim to do so by asking this question:

"What's One Element of Your Physical Event that Makes it Unique to Your Brand and Audience?"

We take great care to thoughtfully integrate the answer into your event's digital programming however we can, helping guests experience it with the same spirit that they would in a live face-to-face setting. Examples below:

Don’t Sacrifice Networking.

Peer-to-peer networking is a major element of what attracts audiences to conferences. In fact, 76% of professional event attendees do so to network. Set up smart communication platforms for users to exchange contact info, share experiences and interests or discuss the event in real time.

Take Care of Your Guests.

Rethink the expected amenities that event-goers love. Ship swag-bag welcome packages to registered guests or surprise them with meal delivery gift cards in lieu of on-site catering. Touches like these give people a true sense of inclusion, adding a layer of depth and engagement to your event.

Connect Exhibitors with Your Visitors.

Another major benefit to professional conferences is the breadth of information they're able to present, but many event-focused brands are facing an abrupt change in how they exhibit their product or IP. There are still valuable ways these businesses can participate:

Virtual Booths

Work with sponsors to create exclusive virtual experiences that guests navigate to from your main event dashboard.

Sponsored Content

Sponsors can host special sessions, or put their brand's support behind a keynote booking or concert.

Analyze Data

Participating sponsors come away with more granular data than they earn from harder-to-measure live events.

Online Meeting Rooms

Deploy an event networking tool to help sponsors find interested attendees and facilitate digital meeting times.

Brands Going Virtual with Effectiveness.

The move to digital events is gaining speed by the day. High-stakes brands all over the world are successfully navigating the pivot to create new and beloved event environments for their audiences. Here are some brands doing it well:

Example of online event livestream

National Football League
2020 NFL Draft - First Ever All-Digital Draft

Leaning on a partnership with Microsoft, the NFL brought teams, players and fans together in a seamless multimedia mix spanning three primetime evening slots, attracting an all-time high 15.6 million viewers during the first round broadcast.

Example of all-digital event livestream

2020 IBM Think. - Digital Tech Conference

IBM quickly converted their mammoth conference to a digital attendance model, allowing for increased viewership and transparency among their workforce. These formats do well to leverage the capabilities of modern video streaming platforms.

Example of digital event livestream

DGTL Music Festival
DGTL 2020 - Largest Online Music Festival

Displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic, DGTL elected to move their festival online with a full slate of artists performing from home at three unique 'stages' that guests could choose from in real time—as well as an exclusive after party event.

Host Your Event Online.

We design and execute experiential events that meet the needs of brands, their audiences and the current social landscape.

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