Help Your Brand Stand Out in a Crowd

Backpack billboards are an inventive way to get local-specific messaging to a street-level audience.

Why Backpack Billboards?

• Earn dynamic and ambient impressions
• Reach consumers in hard-to-reach places
• Full-service local street team hiring and training
• Video and audio capabilities
• Eye-catching non-traditional medium
• Combine with other proximity tactics



We can produce custom artwork, digital and print, to fit your brand's message.


Our field marketing team builds a campaign recommendation based on your goals.


A street team is then deployed to follow our pre-planned route or circle a targeted location.


We send status reports and photos during and after all backpack billboard campaigns.

Backpack Billboards Can Be Easily Packaged With Other Media.


In addition to built-in capabilities, backpack billboards pair well with flyering campaigns and other grassroots tactics.


Street teams can be strategically deployed to funnel foot traffic or occupy all points of interest in a given space.


Traveling on foot, backpack billboards can be directed to hot spots and react to environmental changes in real time.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Provided with a target location and campaign goals, we tailor data-backed backpack billboard campaigns across the country. Wherever you’re at in the process, we can help.

See If Your Campaign Has Legs.

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